February 28, 2006

The First Surprise Finds a Solution

Kirk is still down in the hole working on the footings. I'm still at my desk trying to get some work done while waiting to make a phone call and waiting for Jim, the structural engineer, to come around to look at the foundation problem we discovered yesterday.

The offending cantilever

In the meantime the kitchen we set up in our dinning room -- see pictures below -- seems to be working well. Of course, about all I've done in it is boil water for tea and microwave a bowl of instant oat meal!  We still have access to everything in the kitchen -- sink, stove, dishwasher and refrigerator -- so the temporary kitchen isn't really necessary, but I find myself trying to use it just to see if it will work.  It does so I can go back to a more or less normal routine for at least a few more days.

Dining room / temporary kitchen

Tea Prep Area

Microwave with cat bowls ...

cats no where to be seen.


Electrical appliances -- can hardly wait to blow a fuse.


Later -- Talked to Jim then he talked to Joe and we are now building a small foundation under the overhang in order to pick up the strong tie that will strengthen the east wall of the kitchen. "Not a really big deal", but still requires digging footings, framing and pouring concrete. "Should make everything better" ... JH. I hope so!

Then Kirk dug us a well ...

Yes, that's water down there.

Lisa does the official inspection.