May 18, 2006

Back Splash!  Splash!  Splash!

But some other things first

Applying stucco to the back wall.

More stucco.

The entire wall was covered with a thin coat so that the door and window would blend in.


The wine rack gets a test drive.

Joe checks out the dishwasher.


Here is the back splash. The picture doesn't do justice to the richness, variety and texture of the slate. Also the color is a bit off. Though it has a lot of tans and other earth tones in it, it doesn't look quite this warm.

In fact the squares range from black to red to yellow and they have a lot of variation

 and texture within each square.  It is very neat.

 I think that both Linda and I are very pleasantly surprised by how wonderful it looks. But have a look at the next image.



This is a close-up picture of the backsplash and the colors and textures of each

piece of slate comes through pretty well in this image.


General view of the kitchen. The backsplash behind the main sink took about a day to install.

Also, note the faucets have been installed and the sink is full of drying dishes. And note,

 the doors are now on the the pantry and Lisa is making her evening inspection.