May 5, 2006

Cinco de Mayo and us without a party to go to ... but then, Linda wasn't really up for dancing ... read on.

We should be in Washington, D.C. visiting Erin. Instead Linda is going for an MRI tomorrow to determine whether she will need surgery on the torn miniscus  in her right knee. We were ten minutes away from being picked up for a ride to the airport Thursday morning and Linda was "skipping" across the patio to her studio to turn off her computer when she heard a pop and experienced serious pain in her knee.  After she recovered a bit (and stopped whimpering, though she doesn't remember that part) and was able to call the doctor, it was quickly established that we weren't going on a  trip any time soon.  I was able to bring the car up the Jensen's drive way and, with the aid of a cane, she was able to hobble out the back door and over the ramp that Joe had built to give himself easy access to the job site and, which coincidently, appears in the following pictures as the path down which the major appliances traveled.  After two days she is doing remarkably well. She can get around on crutches and I'm hoping that she doesn't get use to being waited on hand and foot.

What this means for the kitchen is that we'll be around for the next several weeks so we can make all of the final decisions. It also meant that we'd be here to see the range and the refrigerator arrive.

Boy am I glad that I didn't have to wrestle with this stuff

The appliances are off of the truck, in Joe's driveway and the doors are coming off to make transportation easier.


Taking the door off of the oven.


The path to the kitchen. (Also, Linda's ad hoc handicap ramp.) There were some jokes about getting extra credit in Berkeley for making the job site wheelchair accessible.


The oven door and the doors to the refrigerator laid out on the lawn along with the errant window.

Refrigerator coming down the ramp.


Refrigerator in the kitchen in front of its new home.


Wow! That's a big mother!



Joe is happy that he doesn't have to deal with this aspect of the kitchen remodel.


The hard part is over.

The range arrives in from of its new home.


Evidence that the range had to be dragged through the trees.

It's all over but the recycling.

Whenever something new comes into the kitchen one gets to test expectations against reality. This is particularly true of appliances since everything has been designed according to "spec sheets" that tell one where gas, water and electrical outlets are suppose to go and tell you how big the appliances are so that you can design around them. This is particular crucial in the case of the range and the refrigerator since they are both built into specific  spaces. So, how did things work out.  Hmmmm .... not too great. Joe thinks he can make everything work ... and that is why he is getting the BIG bucks, but I'm glad that I don't have to worry about the following problems.  We'll soon know whether these are non- problems or whether some major rebuilding will be required. (Who can I sue??)

The refrigrator is suppose to slip back into its enclosure. We've designerd it according to the "spec" sheet, but the hinge at the top of the doors appears to be too high. Joe thinks that it will be possible to adjust the height of the refrigerator enough to slip everything into palce. God I hope so because it would be a bitch if we had to rebuild the entire cabinet -- or even move the shelf half an inch.

The gas supply line is on the left; the gas hook up for the range is on the right (the red nipple cover).  They appear to line up almost perfectly -- the worst possible arrangement since they need to be connected to one another by a flexible gas line (long enough to be able to pull the stove out for servicing).  The supply line is located where it is suppose to be -- according to the every fickle "spec" sheet -- but almost any other location would have been better. Joe thinks that he can place a right angle fitting on the supply line and then loop the supply line back to the nipple on the range.  Again, I hope that he's right. We'll soon find out since we hope to be cooking with gas in a couple of days.