May 3, 2005

The New Window Finally Gets Installed

The new window arrived yesterday and was installed today. Joe never likes to leave anything hanging around.  The understand the genesis of this little bit of rebuilding, check out the entry for March 26, 2006 -- The Offending Window.

Here is a collage of pictures of the new window from sitting in the kitchen  waiting to be installed to trimmed and painted.  Before and after pictures show the improvement.


In the picture above with Joe, you can see the zipper on Kirk's back pack outlined by the flash and you can also see that the window is double pained -- what you can't see is that it is also tempered glass -- one expensive sucker of a window!

The final verdict from one and all is that the extra 8 inches of depth makes a tremendous difference. A really good decision ...now if I can just find someone who wants a slightly used, custom built window!

Here is the side by side comparison.


This is the view from a chair placed by the old window

View from the same place, but with the new window installed. Boy does 8 inches make a big difference.


View through the new window in the opposite direction.