May 27, 2006

Halleluiah !!!

The first set of pictures shows Hovic finishing the electrical work ... putting in the plug molding 

which, I get the impression from Joe,  he doesn't like doing and then sorting out the pendant light installation.

(After the first two images, you can click on a picture for a bigger version.)




Laundry room in full use.


Jim Hoops hooked up to our wireless network.


Another attempt at photographing the back splash and a picture of the pendant lights.





The following two pictures give you some idea of the hall color. It picks up the tones and colors of the back splash.





And here is how it looks ... pretty much complete except for the floor and a few knobs and pulls. The back splash still needs to be enhanced and sealed and we haven't moved in in earnest yet.  Still -- it is DONE!  And it only took three months.




Well, this long, strange trip we've been on (with apologies to the Grateful Dead) is drawing to a close. It has taken about a year from our first interviews with designers and three months of construction, but it is just about over. The construction, in particular, has gone well because of Joe's skill and because he and Kirk put all of their time into the job. There weren't any hitches on the availability of appliances, etc. We were very good about making decisions before the last minute (mostly) and we were able to get everything to the job site at just the right time. People tell me that this is pretty fast for a major kitchen remodel and I'm only grateful that it wasn't longer.  Doing dishes in the bathroom wasn't too much of strain, but it was getting old. And I'm sure Linda is ready to give up camping out in the dining room.

There will be details to finish up -- some cabinet pulls are still on order, some of the back splash still needs to be installed , and, of course, the floor needs doing, but everything works and we are just about finished. It's amazing that we could do such a large, complicated project by simply putting the idea in motion and paying the bills as they come in. I'm more that a little amazed at what we've accomplished and I'm even emboldened to take on other projects like this (Don't tell Linda!). However, I think I'll wait a while. After all we have this fantastic kitchen to enjoy and it would be a shame not to savor the joy of of having completed this project before moving on to the next one.