May 2, 2006

There has been progress ... but it has slowed to a crawl.  That's what finish work is.  The kicks go in below the cabinets and they look great, but it's a small detail.  The coffer gets clad in cherry ... took a couple of days of careful work ... but this detail really looks neat. Then there was the floor. Not exactly a detail -- in fact, a major subsystem. It took two days to make the sub floor go away and for a nice oak floor to appear in its place. Actually, a brown, ugly oak floor -- covered with wood filler and left mostly unfinished so that they won't be messed up as Joe finishes his work.  However, there are some spots that are being finished ... under the range and the refrigerator and under the legs at the end of the island.

We are going away for almost two weeks -- back on May 16th -- and I'm looking forward to major changes.  The last major appliances come on Friday, the counters will probably be installed next week and then the back splash (which arrived in four big boxes) will be installed. When we return the kitchen should look very much like a kitchen and much less like the job site that it has been for the past eight weeks. I can hardly wait.

Here are the pictures of the current state of play.


General view of the coffee bar. Note trim at

the top of the cabinets and the shelves in the cabinets.


General view ... baseboard trim on the island in the center.

View into the kitchen .. note wood filler on oak floor.


Cabinets by range, cardboard covers hood ... where only one of two blowers actually works. Service call scheduled for Friday.

Coffer clad in Cherry ... neat!


Another view of coffer ... everything will be trimmed out

Air switches for garbage disposers

and drawer hardware


Sub floor ... we've been living with this for two months.

Lisa checks out the large holes between the planks.


View into the kitchen through the French doors -- plenty of sub floor visible

Floor almost completely laid.

Laying floor.


More work with the air nailer. Note hardware

to hold garbage and recycling bins.



Molding at top of cabinet


More molding.


Corner cabinets and computers hooked up to see if we

can do slides in the kitchen