May 16, 2006

We finally have counter tops and the kitchen is really beginning to come together.

Today the counters were installed. We've been wondering about these every since we accepted Ellen's design that included black granite counters -- some honed (that is polished to a smooth, matte finish) and some that is "brushed" which is finished to a pebble like finish.  Today we found out-- and we are very pleased.

The kitchen before the counters were installed



Carrying the granite into the kitchen was not easy. As you can see, some of the pieces were quite large.  I'm glad that I just pay the bills and don't have to do the heavy lifting.



Once the granite is in the kitchen, it has to be properly set. No easy task with pieces of rock this size.  Great care was taken to correctly position the slabs, level them, and then to pick them up and put dabs of an adhesive all over as can be seen in the picture with the white bucket which, by the way, is actually holding up the slab. 



Wow that's heavy!



Here is how everything looked after the installation and after the counters were treated with a sealant. You can see large images on another page.



This is an attempt to show what the textured, "brushed" granite looks like. Not too successful. Also, the granite is a deep black -- the red in this picture is a bit of noise and a bit of reflection from the red of the cherry cabinets.