May 13, 2006

Cabinet doors go on and it is looking more and more like a kitchen

On Friday Kirk attached the doors to most of the cabinets. All that remains are the doors to the pantry. There are no pulls yet and the cabinet doors slam shut with quite a bang, but the former will be taken care of as soon as Ellen gets back to us with some suggestions and the latter will be handled with small rubber bumpers on each of the cabinets. Its wonderful to see everything coming together.


The false door front waiting to be installed

n the trash / recycling pullout space.


Counter view of the side of the

kitchen with the main sink.

The pullout trash and recycling bins. These neatly hide behind a false door front.


Lazy Susan in the corner. There are two of these fully extending shelves that make this area accessible, but which necessarily gives up a lot of space in this cabinet.

Refrigerator with cabinets above and to the left. The lazy Susan is in the cabinet that is partarly open to the left of the refrigerator.


Cabinets in the corner.

Color is off here .. the wall isn't really blue -- its gray much closer to the tone in the picture to the right. But this does show all the doors on the coffee bar -- except for the top five cupboards -- where we are still trying to figure out whether to put mica on the fronts or to leave them open. Open seems to be winning at the moment.

Cabinets by the range. Drawer fronts -- for the lower cabinets -- are the next project

I've been disappointed with the sharpness of many of my pictures. I don't know whether it is the camera, the lens, or the fact that I'm not holding the camera steady enough. So I tried an exposure using a tripod. This image is still a bit soft, but it is much better.  I guess there is no substitute for a solidly grounded camera.