May 10, 2006

Slowly, slowly, slowly ...

We are now deep into the finish work. The range and the refrigerator have been installed ... though the refrigerator is just shoved back into its "hole" and not plugged in because the water for the ice maker and the chilled, filtered water hasn't been hooked up yet. The stove works!  And it promises to be a joy to cook on.  Drawers are now in and we are waiting for the counter tops to be installed next Tuesday, May 16th. Then the back splash can go in, then the floor gets finished and we should be just about done. HOWEVER, I'm guessing that it will still day some time to really put all the finishing touches on the project ... and the laundry room still needs to be finished as does the hall. An the water heater and ... and .... it never seems to end.

Leveling the range.

The range in place.


The refrigerator really does fit ... just

barely and just as designed.

Refrigerator and pantry without drawers.


Drawers ready for installation.



Drawers installed in the pantry. Lots of storage space.  They may look random, but we spent lots of time figuring out just how to perfectly space them.


How the shelves will work. This one is 7 inches deep and is designed to hold standard sized canned goods.


The next shelf down in 14 inches deep -- this is the main shelf for oil, vinegar and other tall, frequently used stuff.


Getting ready to stucco the area where the original window over the sink was.


First cooking ... steamed broccoli and boiled new potatoes.  And, of course, a glass of wine.