March 8, 2006

In Goes the Glu-Lam Beam

Today the beam went in.  One of the difficult things about the remodel is that we wanted to capture for the kitchen the space that had been the breakfast nook in the old kitchen. Unfortunately, there is a second story addition to the house which was held up by a post and beam that was hidden in the telephone / bookcase / stove structure that was pretty much in the middle of the room.  Once that came out the second story was in danger of becoming part of the first story. To solve this problem we had a structural engineer design a "glu-lam" beam that would hold everything up. This was a pretty big monster and I had wondered how Joe was going to get it in ... without a crane or at least a dozen laborers.

In fact, he punched a hole in the wall and he and Kirk slid it neatly into place. Here are the pictures.

Before the big push


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Beam in Place -- wow is it thick!

Once inside ...

The beam going through the wall from the inside. Note the false walls in these two pictures -- designed to temporarily hold up the second story. They worked.

Joe contemplates what he's accomplished.