March 29, 2006

Odds and Ends: closing up the walls, pouring concrete, installing an outlet

Lots of projects are coming to a conclusion now.  The footings got poured today so Joe and Kirk can finish the work in the crawl space ... I'm sure they will be happy to get out of there.  They also finished the sheet rocking, installed the sheer wall, and finished up a couple of other small jobs. Hovic, the electrician, added an outlet to the laundry room / study / hallway to the upstairs.

The forms under the house -- and under the new sheer wall.


A very big truck and lots of equipments for such a small hole


View down the driveway -- Lemons anyone?


Down under the house with the concrete hose.

Hovic getting ready to cut a hole in the wall for an new outlet. This room went from 1 to 4 outlets. Now we can really plug things in.

The kitchen is really becoming a big space.  The tan wall in the center of the picture is plywood nailed to the studs.  Combined with the beam and the other structural improvements we should be ready for the Big One -- as long as we stay in the kitchen.