March 23, 2006

Lights, Action .... Inspection

We are now ready for the first inspection ... open walls.  Someone from the city is to come by, look at all the work that's been done and say "Ok."  This all has to happen before the insulation is put on ... then they come back and bless that and sheetrock can go up.  For this we paid $2,000+???

So here is what they'll see:

Ceiling Lights


Microwave boxes

More Boxes

Temporary Washer and Dryer .. don't know whether they work yet, but we are about out of clean clothes so I'm guessing we will find out pretty soon.

In fact, they do work and Linda was doing a wash as I was playing with this web page!!

Temporary sink ... not yet hooked up to drain ... the story of our life.

These are the walls ... under the plywood ... they'll go up after the inspector is satisfied with what is goes behind them.