April 5, 2006

And The Walls Get Painted

Yesterday I thought everything had slowed to a crawl and today the room was transformed by a coat of paint.  To say that the walls are "grey" doesn't really get it and the pictures aren't much better.  First, one has to realize that most of the walls will be covered by cabinets, back splash and range hood so that the overwhelming color in the kitchen will not be grey -- though the west wall will be entirely exposed.  Furthermore, the actual color is much richer than I've been able to get it to appear in the images. Kirk thought it might have some green in it; I think it might have some blue. In any case, the feeling in the kitchen is much warmer that it appears in these photos and the color has been getting rave reviews from everyone who saw it today.  It really does bring the room together and makes it into a "space."

We are still trying to sort out our tile choices for the back splash in the coffee bar, but, nonetheless, Joe will start building cabinets tomorrow!



A view into the kitchen


Close up of the wall that will contain the stove.


Another wall view

The laundry room wall also got a coat of paint ... same color as the kitchen ceiling.  No surprises here.