April 24, 2006


Today Mike the Counter Guy came over and spend several hours measuring the counter tops and making patterns for the granite.  He is very precise in his measurements because, as he says, "You only get one chance with granite."  Ellen also came over to see the kitchen ... it been four or five weeks since she last saw it  -- and to consult on the placement of faucets and the other hardware that goes around a sink.  She is also getting ready to shop for the drawer and cabinet pulls.  The granite will be ready to be installed in a couple of weeks ... as soon as the floor goes in. This will all probably take place while we are on the East Coast visiting Erin and Megan.  Just as well.

The final piece to the coffee bar area got installed today and there are also a couple of pictures of Kirk tearing up the parquet on the hall way floor.  This happened a few days ago, but I didn't get the pictures downloaded until today.

Joe and Ellen count drawers and

cabinets for number of pulls


Joe talking to Mike about the counters

Mike measuring the cutouts for the faucet,

 air gap, dishwasher air switch,

 soap dispenser and pure water dispenser.

Do we have enough stuff behind the sink?


Pattern around one of the counters near the range.

Mike measuring.  Kirk painting.

Patterns in the corner.

Pattern detail showing precise instructions. I just hope they understand what they are doing.

Patterns on the back lawn.


More pattern detail -- 3 inch high backsplash on the

coffee bar will be made thinner than the counter tops.


One very long, red level to square up the counter top.


Center cabinet assembly for the coffee bar.

Another view.

Kirk doing "finish" carpentry on the parquet.


Looking for lost nickels down the hot air vent

Believe it or not, this is an oak floor ...

just waiting to be sanded down.