April 21, 2006

Eight Weeks ... but who's counting?

We've been at this for two months now and we are ready to have the project completed. Like any camping trip there comes a time when living in a tent, cooking over an open fire, washing dishes in a cold stream and peeing in the woods gets old.  While we've been able to sleep in our own beds everything else about our lives feels a bit like a trek through Nepal (except for the Maoist guerillas and an inexhaustible supply of Big Love re-runs.)

Still, as you can see from the accompanying photos, the kitchen is coming together. Joe and Kirk are working out how to clad the coffer in cherry -- lots talk of "inside, compound cuts" -- and other comments that make carpentry sound like butchery. Almost all of the cabinet skeletons are in place so we can get an idea of how the room will look and the location of the sinks have been determined. I purchased the pendant lights that will go over the island.  It will look like this -- in amber with furnished nickel finish. The big deal is that they will be just about the only non-florescent lights in the kitchen (there is also one down light over the kitchen table that is incandescent). They'll be dimmable halogen lights and I predict that they'll get lots of use. (I'm particularly happy because I shopped around and saved a bundle on what are very expensive fixtures. Even did better from a local supplier than I was able to do on the internet.)

The hood is ready to install, the floor guy has been out and measured the space in preparation for installing the oak flooring in a week or two. Once that is in we can have the range and the refrigerator delivered.  The floor under these appliances will be surfaced, but the rest of the floor won't be until pretty much everything else is done. I think the floor is covered with tarps and any damage Joe and Kirk do to the floor can be sanded out.

The big deal Monday is that the counter sub-contractor will be out to measure the counters. I'm guessing that they'll be installed in two or three weeks, but it may be longer. The main thing is that so far (fingers crossed here) we've not had any hold ups for materials or appliances -- not counting the need to re-order the window.

Here are the latest snaps

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Main sink in its cutout.

Coffer with the beginning of the cherry cladding.

Cherry cladding detail. Pendant light will mount in blue box