April 20, 2006

There's an Island in The Stream ...

The base for the island is now in place. It really helps define the space. Today, the range hood and duct cover get delivered and will probably be installed pretty quickly. On Monday our gold plated counter guys come out and measure everything for the granite counter tops. And this morning Kirk has been tearing the parquet floor off the hall. In the end that will be an oak floor like the kitchen and the rest of the house and ... surprise ... there is the original oak floor under the parquet! Maybe we've caught a break ... that is, if it can be refinished so that it won't have to be re-laid. The floor will be laid in a couple of weeks, if not sooner.


The island base and top --

there will be legs at the four corners.

Note that the French doors have been painted.



Another View









Kitchen through the French doors.

All of the ceiling lights are on


Island with clamps holding on the side rails as glue dries..

More island with clamps


Joe and Kirk measuring. Boxes in the

foreground hold the hood and the duct cover




Lisa checks out the back yard at night.