April 17, 2006

Lights go in. More cabinets go in.  Beginning to look like a kitchen.

The kitchen is beginning to take shape. All of the lower cabinets are in and Joe and Kirk are beginning to hang the upper cabinets. We also now have lights!  The room is certainly bright with all the lights on, but we have enough options that I think that we can control the lighting in a satisfactory way. Having the option to dim the lights would have been great, but dimming just doesn't work with fluorescent lights so we get bit by Title 24 once again.

Here are various pictures taken over the last several days.  The lights are hard to photograph by themselves, but notice how many there are in most of the pictures.

Lot of lights ... and this is only about half of them


Upper cabinets for either side of the

range. And more lights

Linda washing dishes.


Plans ... at least that is what it is suppose to look like on paper.

(Click on image to open a larger image in a new window)

Kirk painting the inside of the window over the sink.


New washer ... Note ... no dryer .. they put the vent on the wrong side. A correctly vented dryer is suppose to be delivered tomorrow.  We'll see.


General view of the kitchen. Island beginning to take shape. Upper cabinet by the sink now installed. Window over the sink sitting on the counter -- being painted.


Upper cabinets on either side of the stove.  Note that the temporary sink is gone and Joe has started to lay out the toe piece for the island cabinet.


Dishwasher stuffed into its hole -- it got delivered with the washer and the dryer and this was the most convenient place to store it until the plumber can hook it up.  We ordered a black dishwasher, but it will be paneled to look like the cabinets.