April 12, 2006


The argot of the trades is an interesting thing. "Rough in" applies to both electrical and plumbing and means doing the first instillation behind the walls and the under the floors up to the point that they can be closed up. Wires snake out of the walls, boxes don't have switches or plates and water and sewer pipes end in caps. When everything is ready to be hooked up, the "finish" work will be done.

Another interesting term is "skeleton" which turns out to be the framework of a cabinet. That's what's been happening since I last posted. (Part of the hiatus was laziness and part was the conference that I was helping organize and that occurred on Monday evening and Tuesday of this week). With these touches and with some trim around the window over the sink and the doors the room is beginning to look more and more like it will some day be a kitchen.

Lots of photos here ... but then it's been a while.  Next step is to get the counter lights in. Then we'll have an idea about whether we have too much light or not. (Kudos to Linda who found a source for compact fluorescent bulbs that was half what our normal supplier wanted to charge ... damn this Title 24 thing is expensive.)

Kirk looks at a kick bar ... the foundation of the lower cabinets

Kick bars by the coffee bar and the sink.


Measuring for another set of cabinets.


Joe sharpens a pencil. Notice the skeleton in the coffee bar area.  We discovered that it is 6 inches too deep! We did this by trying to figure out how to solve the problem of how to sit at the kitchen table which goes under the window. Really tight with the 24 inch deep cabinets..


Cabinet back out in the middle of the room.


The last six inches sitting out in the rain.

The now narrower cabinet back in place. Wow! What wonders can be done with a skill saw.


The skeletons for the sink and the corner cabinet


Skeletons of the two cabinets on either side of the range.  Note, the plywood -- the boxes needed to be 1 inch higher and plywood was easier than sheetrock. The changes will be hidden behind the back splash. Interesting ... always a bit of rebuilding on any project ... see the decision to change the size of the window.


Gas shut off valve for range ... hope to never need it.

Top of the dishwasher cavity being glued.

Window over sink trimmed out.


Doors into dining room and hall with their trim.


More trim..

And the backdoor looks pretty neat!