April 1, 2006

It seems like it's going to go on forever ...

We have just survived the wettest March on record in northern California  (as measured by number of rainy days).  AND we are ready for a long sojourn on a tropical island.  Instead we had the second inspection on Thursday ... verified that all the sheetrock was put up properly.  Since then Kirk has been taping and mudding ... the process that covers up all of the seams and other blemishes and makes for a nice, smooth wall.

It seems that progress has slowed to a snail's pace, but I know that we are just in the phase where things go more slowly because the tasks are finer and require more attention. Earlier, whole walls would be torn out in a day or ceilings would be installed. Now it's piece by piece.  Nothing dramatic but the cumulative effect will be to produce a finished kitchen.

Here are some pictures that show where we are at now.

View from the north east corner

toward to west wall



View from the north west corner

toward the south wall


View from the south east corner

toward the north wall.


View from the south west corner

toward the east wall


The temporary sink.


It really does work ... sort of.

and for both of us


Construction involves a lot of slight of hand. This  is the west -- sheer -- wall mudded down from the top. This is the only part that will be finished because it is the only part that will show. 

View looking west ...

pendant lights will hang down from the coffer --

from the blue boxes


Bart hasn't wanted to have anything to do with the construction. It's only in the past day or so that he will come in the back door and walk through the construction site. During the week he hides under the bed upstairs. Here he is (deceptively) looking like he is in control of everything .. after all, he has both paws on the drop cloth!

On the other hand,  Lisa has

 no trouble asserting her claim to the kitchen


This weekend's decision has concerned whether or not to add accent tiles to the back splash of the coffee bar. We're waiting to hear from Ellen and Chris on this idea, but what we are looking at are two 6 inch by 6 inch Arts and Crafts tiles set into the black back splash.  I've located a supplier in Vancouver and they can get them to us ASAP.

Here is what we are looking at and a mock up of how they would be used.

Macintosh Rose Amber Tile


We are thinking of using 2 tiles spaced about like this


How it might look ... if granite was black tissue paper.

Close up of the mocked up back splash.