Japan - it isn't only Cherry Blossoms



Waiting For Breakfast at the Tokyo Fish Market




Shrine in Takayama

Fuji-San from Hakone


At the First Shogun's Shrine in Niko

Girl getting her picture taken with a iPhone

part of the 3, 5, 7 festiival

Lacking a Thanksgiving to head it off, Christmas came to Japan promptly on November 1st.

In Nikko

Forlorn Bean Stuffed Treat

Linda got a bad fortune (seriously) so she is trying to cancel it with a good fortune. Luckily she did.

More Mugging for the Camera

Women in Kimonos on the Street in Kyoto


You can't have too many pictures of your sweetie!

Shinto display over a door.

In front of a restaurant

I have no idea what this is all about.

Tofu never tasted so good

Photos of friends at the Golden Temple

Our group giving the universal

Japanese picture taking hand jester.

Barrels of Sake outside of a shrine -- actually, outside all of the shrines. Donations bring good luck and it keeps the monks happy

This is how the Japanese roast chestnuts. They were delicious.

Pirate boat on the lake at Nakone...???

Sure we know where we are going.

We should have such a great transportation system.

Monk on the Philosopher's Walk

The view of the Kyoto Tower (and Kyoto) from the top of the Kyoto shopping mall / department store / restaurant mall / hotel / and, oh yes, Train Station

The gang mugging for the camera while eating  Okonomiyaki (omelet/pancake like thing that is quite delicious) in Hiroshima

Canal besides the Philosopher's Walk

mostly walked by everyone in Kyoto

regardless of academic discipline.

Garden at the Silver Temple. I think I used up all of the red in my camera on this trip

Garden at the Silver Temple -- Small, brown building is the Silver Temple -- the "silver" refers to a pile of sand outside the temple that reflects moon light into it

Jumping for Persimmons (with audience)

out side of the home of a

famous (for persimmons) Haiku poet's home

Vegetarian meal ... fantastic!

A small (very small)

portion of the Tori Gates at the Inari temple.

Golden Temple